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Enticing, fresh aromas of lemon and crushed-pine-needle juniper, followed by a floral sweetness and background woody cinnamon and nutmeg spice. Palate is punchy, full and complex. Piney blue juniper flavours, spicy and fruity red juniper and a dash of Australian coastal landscape from the Boobialla are well balanced with lemon and lime citrus and a mouth-filling peppery warmth. The lingering finish is simultaneously warm and fresh. Four o’clock G&Ts, please.

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TYPE                   GIN

SIZE                   500ML

ALC. VOL               46.00%



Welcome to the fourth dimension of gin time, where the hands always point to Quattro o’clock. A quartet of junipers, headed by Australian wild juniper, extracted across four tailored methods. Subtle support from Riverland citrus and aromatics (all quartered, natch). Juniper buffs, this one’s four you.


Our Master Distiller extracts the distinct characters of four junipers across four production processes: Bulgarian blue juniper, Australian wild juniper, Macedonian wild blue juniper, and Bulgarian red juniper. They mingle with fresh botanicals for gentle aroma and flavour.


Lucinda Penn is an emerging artist bringing together art and design under the name of LCND. She works in the realms of large scale murals, to digital illustrations, to up-cycling found canvases with her leftover mural paint, and everywhere in between. Since breaking onto the pubic art scene in 2019 on the main street of Stirling in the Adelaide hills, Lucinda’s art can be found all over SA. Lucinda has worked with WOTSO Work space, Adelaide Central Market, the City of Adelaide, Walker Corporation and more. Some of her latest projects are a 200m + long vinyl mural on the hoarding of the Adelaide’s new Festival Plaza and a feature wall at the Adelaide Airport, launching the region as a National Park City in an environmental association with London.

Bringing together communities is at the heart of her practice as she engages local volunteers in her LCND Mural Painting Workshops. Inspired by the everyday, optimism and symbolism underpin Lucinda’s energetic colour palettes as an exploration of her own place in the universe. Her work seeks to explore human experiences in order to connect with the viewer who can take away their own meaning from her compositions depending on their own predispositions.

Artist label explanation from Lucinda Penn: 

The four sides of 23rd St Distillery’s iconic distilling tower inspired the ‘Quattro’ idea which is now embodied by the four different types of juniper sourced from Australia and Europe. To do the uniqueness of this spirit justice, I wanted to tell the story of the gin through a visual narrative. The striking colour palette stems from the unique Bulgarian Red Juniper which stands out in the line of four dried juniper berries. The native coastal Boobialla is the light purple fruit. The additional traditional darker junipers are from Bulgaria and Macedonia. There are repeating themes of four cocktails, ice cubes, hands, diamond stars and four sides of the iconic distilling tower at the Renmark distillery. Amongst searching for these quattro’s you will also find citrus, distilling equipment, juniper flowers, and roads to Renmark as part of the unique distilling process. 


Signature Gin 700ml

Violet Gin 700ml