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Fresh juniper and lime aromas rise from the glass, and closer inspection reveals inviting layers of spice. Ripe citrus on the palate is followed by mouth-filling botanical complexities and long, spicy warmth. Sip and savour neat, or over ice in the heat of summer.

TYPE                    GIN

SIZE                    700ML

ALC. VOL                57.70%

STD. DRINKS             31.9


Word is, ye olde sailors mixed gin with gunpowder to test for proof and purity. When lit, the good stuff would show a strong, clear flame. We’d prefer you mix ours with, if anything, a quality tonic. Vigorous yet silken, with intense citrus and lingering botanicals.


Navy Strength Gin is produced as tribute to our Distiller’s grandfather who served in the Navy during both World Wars. Traditional botanicals are enlivened by local Riverland lime and mandarin. Distilled to robust strength without sacrificing flavour.



Kerri Wright is an artist and designer from Adelaide. She earned her visual arts degree at the Adelaide College of the Arts, continued her honours degree at the University of South Australia and spent several years in Sydney completing her graphic design degree at Billy Blue College of Design. Specialising in printmaking, Kerri has exhibited her work across Australia and in the United States. As well as working from her studio making prints, Kerri is heavily involved in the Arts community in Adelaide, often designing and printing for local business and bands, hosting youth workshops, and designing and printing murals around the city. Inspired by ancient history, mythology and storytelling, Kerri weaves her own personal mythology and symbology throughout her prints and illustrations. Her passion for the medium of printmaking encourages imperfect and unique prints, where the tactility of the human hand can be seen and felt in the artwork.

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