23rd Street Distillery




Aromas are led by juniper, Riverland mandarin and coriander, with hints of spices. On the palate, juniper is closely followed by a mandarin middle and fresh lime on the back palate. Spices support with softness and complexity. Enjoy neat, as the star of a cocktail or mixed with tonic or soda and garnished with citrus.

TYPE                   GIN

SIZE                   700ML

ALC. VOL               40.00%

STD. DRINKS            22


You’re trying to be nonchalant with your sophisticated botanical gin but all the while tiny explosions of Riverland sunshine tickle your palate. It’s the underlying citrus from fresh local mandarin and lime that makes Twenty Third Street gin a particularly jovial drop.


Our Distiller individually infuses ten botanicals including traditional juniper and coriander, complemented by zesty local citrus. Astute blending is key, creating a layered palate and full-bodied mouthfeel.


Gold, SIP Awards 2020 | Gold, World Gin Awards 2020 | Bronze, Australian Gin Awards 2019 | Silver, International Wine and Spirits Competition 2019 | Silver, San Francisco World Spirits Awards 2019 | Silver, Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2019 | Double Gold, San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017 | Silver Outstanding Medal, International Wine & Spirit Competition 2017 | Silver Medal, New York International Spirits Competition 2017 | Silver Medal, Australian Distilled Awards 2017



Claire Ishino studied Jewellery Design (and a year of Graphics) at the Uni – versity of South Australia. She spent several years living and working in Japan making colourful washi paper collage, resin and silver jewellery before returning to Adelaide where she now concentrates on producing gouache or acrylic paintings and black and white illustrations. Claire exhibits and sells her work through local galleries, shops and at design events such as Bowerbird. Her work has been licensed to teNeues Publishing Co. in New York for use on stationery and was also featured as one of 100 illustrators in ‘Work/Life 3: The UPPERCASE directory of Illustrators’ published by Janine Vangool, Canada, 2013.

Claire’s work is inspired by nature, words, thoughts, emotions and her love of colour, repetition and pattern. Her style is clean and graphic with crisp edges between colours and small details reflective of her back ground in Jewellery.