23rd Street Distillery




Distinctive, unusual, delicious. Toasty Oak like aromas with hints of sweet sherry are lifted and sweetened by floral and fruity notes. Rounded malt like flavours and the rich sherry characters are evident on the palate, with as toasty oak and some what oily nuttiness to the finish. To be savoured neat or with a little water or ice.

TYPE                   WHISYK(E)Y

SIZE                   50ML

ALC. VOL               42.30%

STD. DRINKS            1.7


You say whisky, I say whiskey. Let’s call the whole thing intriguing. We dare to blend the best of both worlds: Scotch with Bourbon. Round malted flavours, rich sherry characters and toasty oak bamboozle and seduce. Why can’t we all get along this well?


Head Distiller Graham Buller collected prime barrels of Scotch whisky and American Bourbon whiskey, with a dream of creating his perfect blend. And who are we to deny such alchemy? The Scotch has an average of five years barrel maturation and the Bourbon two, while the final blend has gone back into bourbon barrels for finishing.


Silver, World Whisky Awards 2019 | Silver, San Francisco World Spirits Awards 2018 | Silver Outstanding Medal, International Wine & Spirits Competition 2017 | Bronze Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017 | Bronze Medal, Australian Distilled Awards 2017



“With a slight hesitancy in working with colour, I use fine pen on paper with meticulous detail, my aim being to draw the viewer in for a closer look. I love the simplicity and the restrictiveness of working in black and white, as it requires me to bring something extra out of an image that wouldn’t usually be there had a colour been involved.”

Chrysa’s work always starts of as a pen on paper drawing; This is then scanned in to create a digital file, which can then be used as it is or adapted for projects. Chrysa finds inspiration in nature around her, old diagrams and textiles. The length of time taken on pieces varies greatly, some small pieces taking as little as a couple of hours, and larger more detailed pieces taking up to twenty-five hours of solid drawing time.