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Premium Twenty Third Street Signature Gin with just the right proportion of sophisticated mixer.


Signature Gin & Tonic is perfectly crafted with a balance of our award-winning Signature Gin and no sugar tonic water.

Tasting Note

Vibrant, dimensional and sparkling. A tonic for the more demanding palate. Classic bitterness and a calculated hint of sweetness hum along with the Riverland citrus and aromatics of our Signature Gin.


The Art

Claire Ishino (SA)

In collaboration with Claire, the original Signature Gin artwork has been re-designed to differentiate our full-strength and now premix offering.

Claire Ishino studied Jewellery Design (and a year of Graphics) at the University of South Australia. She spent several years living and working in Japan making colourful washi paper collage, resin and silvery jewellery before returning to Adelaide where she now concentrates on producing gouache or acrylic paintings and black and white illustrations. Claire exhibits and sells her work through local galleries, shops and at design events such as Bowerbird. Her work has been licensed to teNeuse Publishing Co. in New York to use on stationary and was also featured as one of 100 illustrators in 'Work/Life 3: the UPPERCASE directory of Illustrators' published by Janine Vangool, Canada, 2013.

Claire's work is inspired by nature, words, thoughts, emotions and her love of colour, repetition and pattern. Her style is clean and graphic with crisp edges between colours and small details reflective of her background in Jewellery.