23rd Street Distillery

Renmark Distillery



23rd Street Distillery’s historic site has stood its ground through the trials and seasons of more than a century. Its enduring walls encourage a bold spirit, driving our mission to create artful flavours. The distillery sits on the corner of 23rd Street in Renmark, South Australia. It began its life making wine using the bounty of the local fruit-growing region where Australia’s first co-operatively owned winery, Renmano, was formed. For almost 100 years they worked with local community and produce to create some of Australia’s best-loved wines and spirits.

After hard years of drought and Renmano’s departure in 2004, the site fell into disrepair. It lay dormant until 2014, when the property was purchased by the family-owned Bickford’s Group. After two full years of restoration, on the 23rd September 2016 we opened as 23rd Street Distillery, rising anew like a phoenix from the ashes.

Today, the working heart of 23rd Street is filled with lifted scents of fresh local fruits and aromatics. Our three Copper Pot Stills are over 100 years old, like the site, lovingly salvaged from local Australian wine regions. Just steps away, the barrel hall is fragrant with rich raisin and decades-old oak gently cradling our dark spirits.

The melding of time-honoured craft and fearlessly bold flavours is the 23rd Street signature. We artfully distil the unique characters of quality Australian ingredients, bringing moments of spirited magic to the world.